De Koning Kronikles

Personal Life  & Work  in  Thailand

Our personal motivation

We have been working in the Land of Smiles since 1986. We started working with refugees from Laos and ended up working with the Thai people in 1996.

CAMA is our sending organization. There is much freedom to do what we are called to do, which makes us feel thankful. Our daily work consists of counseling and organizing training seminars, mostly in the area of communication and relationships.

We work from an office called New Counseling Service, affiliated to the LEAF Foundation, in Bangkok. You can click on the picture on the right to go to the website of NCS or LEAF.

Our ambitions

Dick likes photography and mainly classical music & jazz. He also likes to create small works of art. Some of his pictures can be found on the Photo Page.

Johanna likes to do painting and handicrafts. She has recently finished several crochet projects.

Personal hobbies

Dick's last name means 'king' and therefore he collects crowns of all sorts and sizes. His collection keeps growing.

Johanna likes butterflies for many good reasons and has been collecting butterflies (mostly fake) and related items. She has a Pinterest page full of (p)interesting pictures.